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Preparation et Training

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FAQ on Preparation and Training

1.1. How do I prepare for LPI exams ?

LPI specifies only the standards for certification and does not specify at all how you prepare for certification. You can simply look at the objectives and study on your own, read books or take training classes. Many members of our Advisory Council are producing exam preparation books or training materials and classes (online and instructor-led).

1.2. Where can I find a training center that offers courses for LPI certification ?

LPI itself does not provide any form of training, but we have LPI Approved Training Partners (LPI-ATP) who provide this service. Please see our training partner search tool for a list of training partners in your area.

1.3. What will it take for my organization to teach students so that they can become LPI certified ?

Basically, you just need to find a source for courseware and start teaching. You can either obtain courseware from a vendor, or write your own by studying the exam objectives posted on the website. Keep in mind that LPI does not specify any specific courseware or teaching materials. However we do provide LPI Approved Training Materials (LPI-ATM) which independent agencies certify as courseware that aligns with our exam objectives. In addition, we provide the opportunity for training partnerships through our LPI Approved Training Partners (LPI-ATPs).

1.4. Does LPI approve courseware ?

In early 2002 LPI initiated the LPI Approved Training Materials (LPI-ATM) program. administered by our partners ProCert Communications and Serjus. The intent of this program is to offer an open, objective method through which courseware can be checked for completeness of their coverage of the objectives in the LPIC program. The LPI-ATM program is totally voluntary ; however, courseware that has achieved approval through the LPI-ATM program can be used with confidence that it is properly covering the contents of the LPI exams.

1.5. Will LPI be certifying instructors ?

This program is under development. Please contact your local affiliate for further information.

1.6. Will LPI help me find a job ?

LPI is setting standards only for certification : we have limited resources in assisting successful LPI candidates with their employment search or professional advancement. However, we do invite successful LPI candidates to join our Alumni mailing list which is a good forum for LPIC’s to discuss their issues (among these might be the search for employment and heads-up messages about opportunities). If you are an LPIC-1 or above you are invited to subscribe to the lpi-alumni mailing list. Information on job and training opportunities also appears on our volunteer mailing lists.

Nevertheless, due to increasing inquiries from enterprise customers, sponsors and supporters who are looking for highly-qualified Linux professionals we are presently exploring development of an employment referral service for our Alumni. Please join our alumni mailing list to receive regular updates on the progress of this initiative.